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Dunkirk Dental
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    To provide our patients with a personalized, comfortable, and exceptional dental care experience. 

    Who We Are

    Lawrence Kotok, DDS | Partner

    Leslie Wilcox, DDS | Partner

    What We Do

    Expert Dental Care, Personalized Service

    At your initial exam and every cleaning appointment, we perform a  comprehensive dental exam. Your dentist examines the teeth and checks  for cavities or areas showing abnormal wear.  X-Rays are taken every  12-18 months which allow us to see the areas in between the teeth or under the gums. Included in the exams, we check for oral cancers or  ulcers on the gums, tongue or lips.  Comprehensive exams are recommended  twice a year.

    We offer a variety of cleanings and  gum treatments to fit all of our patients’ needs.  Some patients just  need a standard cleaning, where others may require more extensive deep  cleanings. 


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    Dunkirk Dental

    16342 County Road 30, Maple Grove, MN 55311, us

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    We are located in the strip mall adjacent to TCF Bank on the Northeast corner of County Road 30 and Dunkirk Lane/ Maple Grove Parkway.

    Taking Care of Your Oral Health is an investment in your overall health